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General Questions

What is Inver Grove Traveling Basketball?
The I.G.H. Basketball Association was developed to give boys and girls who reside in Inver Grove Heights or attend Inver Grove Heights Schools the opportunity to play other metro communities in the competitive game of Basketball. The players are coached in the fundamentals of basketball to improve their skills and understanding of the game. The players are from throughout the Inver Grove Heights community.

What is the grade level of the Teams?
I.G.H. basketball supports teams for both boys and girls at grades 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th.

What does Traveling Basketball mean for time?
The players will have 1 to 2 practices per week at the I.G.H. Middle School and/or the Simley High School. Practices can be Monday through Friday and at a variety of times. The season starts in late October and runs through late February to early March. The 3rd/4th, 5th and 6th graders can have 6-8 weekend tournaments with two of those being right here in Inver Grove Heights. The upper grades have a few more and all tournaments are in the metro area. The players will play typically Saturday, Sunday and occasionally Friday night with no less then three games a weekend.

Commitment and Support

What other commitments are asked of a parent or adult guardian?

The Program requires 1 parent/guardian volunteer for 1 shift per player at each home tournament (December and February), as well as 1 varsity basketball game to assist with concessions.

 Varsity Game per player in the concessions.

How is Traveling Basketball different then Park & Recreation Basketball?
The games can be more competitive with opposing players being from different communities. The players should be committed to play and improve their basketball skills. The tournaments are set up for different skill levels with A level being the top, then a B level and then a C level. The games are refereed trained personnel. A trophy or medal is usually given to winners within each bracket.


How are teams formed and for what grade levels?
The I.G.H. Basketball Association has to register for most tournaments in the summer months. We base the number of teams at each grade level by how many registrations we receive by the early summer registration deadline and by past participation numbers. We support grade levels 3rd through 8th grade.

Why do teams have different numbers of players?
Teams are formed with the intention of 10 players per team. Certain grade level teams have a higher participation level and two or more teams are formed. Teams may play with numbers of 8 or 9 depending on tryouts.


Why are there tryouts?
The purpose of tryouts is to determine if the player has good fundamental basketball skills. It is used to determine appropriate ability level for the player and the team level.

What will happen at tryouts?
Players are given a numbered jersey and a corresponding number on an evaluation sheet. The evaluators refer to the players only by their numbers. We mix the players up for scrimmages by grade level with different mixes of height. The players are assessed on skills and team play. The drills provide and opportunity to evaluate the skills of the players. A player scrimmage is used to observe how the players use their skills in game-like situations. It provides information about how much the player understands the concept of basketball and team play.

Who does the evaluation?
We provide the evaluators. The evaluators are not going to be the coaches of the teams trying out. The evaluators are evaluating a group of assigned players.

How are the teams formed?
The evaluators hand in the evaluations and the player is placed on a team that best fits their skill level. We form as many teams as possible according to tryout participation. Not all players who tryout are guaranteed to make a team.

Can parents attend tryouts?
Tryouts are closed to parents. Parents are asked to check in their child for tryouts and then return for them at the end of tryouts.

How can I find out more about tryout dates and time?
Information of dates and times will come by letter and/or this website to those who have pre registered. It will be posted on the website when the date is determined. 

How can I register my child?
You can go to our website, find the registration form the register by mail or register online. You may also contact a Board member for more information; and, flyers are sent home to parents of Elementary students.

If I miss the early registration can my child still tryout?
Registration must be complete the week BEFORE tryouts in order to participate in tryouts. We do not accept registrations the day of tryouts, so please be sure to register before September 15th.


How many practices a week?
One or two per week at Inver Grove Heights Middle School or the Simley High School. This is based on availability of gyms and coaches discretion.


Why is Traveling Basketball more expensive then Park and Recreation basketball? 
A major expense is tournament entry fees. Players are provided with quality uniforms, warm up shirts, basketball equipment, insurance, and gym space which is paid for by the association. Our coaching staff mainly consists of parent volunteers. Inver Grove Heights Basketball fees are reasonable compared to other basketball organizations. I.G.H. supplements the fees paid by the participants with funds raised from our own weekend tournaments and concessions at varsity games. We constantly seek ways to keep player fees affordable for all families.

What other fees beyond registration and uniform deposit can I expect?
All tournaments are fundraisers for the host organizations we participate in, so there will be an admission fee for all spectators. This usually ranges from $3 - $6. 

Weekend Tournaments Schedules

What happens on a scheduled Tournament weekend?
Coaches or Team Manager will provide you with most of the tournament dates at the beginning of the season. Games take place any time from Friday night to Sunday evening on a tournament weekend. Coaches usually receive the tournament bracket a few days before that tournament. Tournaments typically use a bracket format with game location and time identified. After the first game you will need to check the bracket to find out the time and location of the next game. A team is usually guaranteed 3 games a weekend and possibly more according to how they do and the number of teams in the bracket.
Yes, there may be Sunday morning games scheduled to accommodate the required number of games for teams to match gym space available to them.

What are my responsibilities at our own Tournament?
First and foremost is to cheer on and support your child's team and other I.G.H. teams. You will be assigned by teams to work a shift at the tournament that can be 3 to 4 hours long for each child involved in the program. You may work concessions, keep the score book for games, run the clock for games, or collect the admission fees.

Playing Time

How is playing time determined?
The bylaws of the organization state a player is to play an equivalent time of one quarter of a regulation game. The coach decides on when and where the minutes are allocated.

Traveling Basketball is a competitive program but we stress to our coaches that players need to play as much as possible so they feel they are contributors to the team. This could mean a team is not as competitive according to how the coach arranges the playing time. The issue is taken seriously by the organization but is not made to be monitored by a stop watch to verify playing time.

Coaches may choose to play certain players during individual game situations to succeed. Some flexibility is required on playing time. In order for the teams to be competitive, flexibility about playing time must be left to the coach's discretion. It is still the goal of the organization to have the players improve in practice and thus increase their game time.

Volunteer Involvement

What if a volunteer coach does not come forward?
If a volunteer coach can not be found, then the I.G.H. organization will attempt to hire a coach for the team. The Team will either have to pay an additional fee or money will be used from the team tournament registration money. This will mean less tournaments for that team. If a coach can not be found or the team wishes not to pay for a coach the team may be disbanded.

Please click the Volunteer link for more informaion about volunteering on the Board and Coaching


How does a player who does not make a team or decides not to tryout get a refund?
Refunds and fees of all players will automatically be issued for players who do not make a team or do not tryout. For players who make a team, there will be no refund after tryouts unless the board decides otherwise. There will be no refunds to players who are dismissed from a team for what ever reason during the season.

The deposit fee on the uniform and the commitment fee to work the designated volunteer shifts will be returned to you at the end of the season. No refund will be issued if the uniform is not returned or is damaged. There is also no refund if a parent fails to work or cover their team?s assigned work shift.

Fall Basketball

Boys and Girls Fall Basketball is conducted by the Minnesota Youth Athletic Services (M.Y.A.S.) organization.

Girls Fall Basketball

Fall basketball is played in the fall with players from Inver Grove Heights and surrounding communities. It is for players who want to get ready for the up coming season. All games will be played on Sunday. Go to Minnesota Youth Athletic Services (M.Y.A.S.) organization web sight at (

Boys Fall Basketball

Fall basketball is played in the fall with players from Inver Grove Heights and surrounding communities. It is for players who want to get ready for the up coming season. All games will be played on Sunday. Go to Minnesota Youth Athletic Services (M.Y.A.S.) organization web sight at (

Fall Basketball is put together by volunteers on the team. The coaches are volunteers. Registration forms are found at the M.Y.A.S. sight. The deadline for registration is typically in late August with games beginning in late September. For information on uniforms and basketball equipment contact an Inver Grove Heights Basketball Board Member about forming an Inver Grove Heights Team.

Spring Amateur Athletic Union (A.A.U.) Basketball

What is A.A.U. Basketball or M.Y.A.S. Spring Basketball?
This program is in the spring of the year and is run by Minnesota Youth Athletic Services (M.Y.A.S.) organization and other organizations. Inver Grove does not have tryouts for spring basketball. However, other organizations do have tryouts. An I.G.H. team can be formed by volunteers along with a volunteer coach. If an I.G.H. team is formed they are eligible to schedule practices at the Middle School, use our uniforms, and continue to receive insurance.