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Tryout Information

General Information About Tryouts

  • The purpose of tryouts is to determine if the player has good fundamental basketball skills. It is used to determine appropriate ability level for the player and the team level.
  • Players are given a numbered jersey and a corresponding number on an evaluation sheet. The evaluators refer to the players only by their numbers. We mix the players up for scrimmages by grade level with different mixes of height. The players are assessed on skills and team play. The drills provide and opportunity to evaluate the skills of the players. A player scrimmage is used to observe how the players use their skills in game-like situations. It provides information about how much the player understands the concept of basketball and team play.
  • IGH Basketball provides the evaluators. The evaluators will not be coaches of the teams trying out. The evaluators are evaluating a group of assigned players.
  • Evaluators use IGH Basketball approved evaluation forms to assess each player. Once tryouts are complete, evaluators turn in their forms to the Board, players are then placed on a team that best fits their skill level. We form as many teams as possible according to tryout participation. Not all players who tryout are guaranteed to make a team.
  • Tryouts are closed to parents. Parents are asked to check in their child for tryouts and then return for them at the end of tryouts.
  • Tryout dates and time will be anounced via the IGH Basketball website, email and/or newsletter. 
  • To tryout, please register online via the website. You may also contact a Board member for more information; and, flyers are sent home to parents of Elementary students.
  • Registration must be complete the week BEFORE tryouts in order to participate in tryouts. We do not accept registrations the day of tryouts, so please be sure to register before registration closes.

For more information, please contact the Tryout Coordinator or Team Formation Coordinator on the Board Page of this website.