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About IGH Basketball

Welcome to the Inver Grove Heights Basketball Website!


The goal of our program is to provide a developmental basketball experience for boys and girls in grades third through eight who live or go to school in Inver Grove Heights.  We’re a community-based program, looking to provide a great basketball learning experience in a competitive environment.  We recognize that kids play sports for a variety of reasons – because they love the sport, want to get a team experience, have fun, like the competitive nature of basketball, are interested in learning new skills, or a host of other reasons.  The great news, too, is basketball can be a lifetime sport, played anytime and anywhere a hoop and a ball are available.  The skills kids learn through our program today can help them maintain their health in adulthood – a great gift parents can give their kids!


The ongoing challenge we face in Inver Grove Height’s sports programs is the size of our community as it relates to providing both a developmental and competitive experience for all players.  We continually strive to offer both to best meet the needs of players, parents and coaches.  At the end of the day, we make decisions which are the best for the kids in the program. 

Our Association is managed by a Board of volunteers who, with our volunteer coaches, are the backbone of the success of our program.  All Board meetings are open to parents and community members, and we invite you to get involved to help drive the ongoing success of the program.

As we head into the new season of basketball, there is much excitement about getting back on the court.   We hope you share in this excitement and are looking forward to a great season of ball!

Throughout the season, if myself or any of our Board members can be of assistance, please do contact us.

IGH Basketball Association